Artist Spotlight: Lindsay Bryant, Original Oils

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It is said that almost every girl at one point in her life goes through a horse-loving phase. For some this obsession will last, for some it is only a chapter in life. Either way, I have found myself deeply fascinated with the beauty, strength, and intriguing essence of the horse. While I have not yet had the opportunity to adopt a horse of my own, I have found great satisfaction in combining this obsession with my love of painting.

Equine art is not hard to come by. Thus I strive to find a truthful, fresh, and unique way to create my paintings while till maintaining a nostalgic western aesthetic through my medium and use of representation. By presenting the horse from unusual viewpoints, my goal is to slow down the observing process in order to reveal and enhance the nature of the horse.

– Lindsay Bryant

"The Stampede" Lindsay Bryant (SOLD)

"Study of Awareness (I, II, III, IV)" Lindsay Bryant


Artist Spotlight: Cindy Nevins, Repurposed Vintage Linens

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My love for vintage linens began at a very early age from attending auctions and estate sales with my mother Geneva. I was fascinated with tatting and embroidery that is becoming a lost art. I take great pleasure in taking these vintage pieces and finding new uses for them. One design was inspired when my sister-in-law gave me a number of vintage tablecloths from her mother, from which I designed sundresses for her toddler granddaughter. Since then I’ve continued to collect tablecloths and design toddler dresses under the label “Tablewear” available exclusively in my shop. Other lines I’ve designed include baptismal gowns, wedding handbags and ring bearer pillows from wedding gowns; quilt tops from vintage linens; and pillows from handkerchiefs, dresser scarves and doilies. Often times individuals bring me their keepsake vintage linens from which I design custom pieces.

Pieces are on display at Primary Colors – or contact Cindy Nevin’s of Geneva’s Daughter for custom work at 952-221-2933.